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Supervised Visitation-Offsite (Home or Community)
Visitation between the non-custodial parent (NCP) and the child/children in the presence of a neutral third party who is responsible for observing (taking notes) and ensuring the safety of all parties involved.


Our supervised visitation monitors will observe and provide documentation for appropriate authorities such as the Court (when ordered), Attorney's, DCFS, the custodial parent, non-custodial parent, and/or guardian. This is to ensure that the child remains safe during the visit and is not subjected to any inappropriate activity or conversation. A neutral, safe, and secure public setting where the visit will be, between the Non-Custodial Parent, the child/children, and; the Monitor.

Virtual Supervised Visitation
Virtual Monitoring will be done via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. This is another way to help the child/children to feel comfortable while connecting with the Non-Custodial Parent.


Supervised visits are conducted virtually by a trained and qualified Supervised Visitation Monitor who provides documentation for court, mediators, or others associated with the case.

Monitored Exchange
Monitored Exchange provides for the safe, supervised transition of children between parents or guardians for custodial time. This service is helpful (and sometimes Court ordered) for parents or caregivers who are experiencing conflict or where domestic violence has been an issue.

Reports will be completed upon verbal or written request by the parent or attorney. Summary Reports consists of a list of visitation dates/times/locations/ only. Detailed Reports gives a list of visitation dates/times/locations and brief specific details of each visit. Fees apply.

Court Appearances
If either parent would like the monitor to appear in court to give testimony of visits observed, the parent will have to give the monitor enough time to prepare. A daily flat rate applies.

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